about us

Southeastern Living is a photo journal of travel throughout the southeastern United States. Our unique perspective is a result of the simple fact that we truly love living in this region and wish to share the beauty we enjoy. Southeastern Living invites you to travel vicariously through our lens.

If you're planning your own vacation, we might also help you make the travel route as unforgettable as the destination, find your perfect vacation spot, or fall in love with a community you would like to call, "home".


Professional photographic services are available from SEL photographers. Commercial applications are our primary focus, but private events are occasionally contracted. 

Unless otherwise specified, all photography on this site is the work of Southeastern Living staff. We invite photographers throughout the Southeast to contact us for information about the photo submission process.

Telling is One Thing. Showing is the Way to Go.

Trip sponsorship packages are available to business owners. Potential customers will appreciate your gift of a photographic road trip as we show why they would enjoy visiting your business! Flexible plans are available that allow us to create sponsor groupings within an area in order to defray costs. 

Southeastern Living's policy for all trip sponsors is that if our experience while visiting your business does not add an honestly positive aspect to the trip , we will say nothing at all and fees will be refunded.