Our trip ended with lunch at the Whitewater Grill located where Old Copper Road parts from the river. Lunch was good. The homemade brownies were great!

After passing through Cleveland, we landed on Old Copper Road which runs alongside the Ocoee River. The scenery was delightful, and many areas are provided to stop and enjoy the views!


Mercier Orchard

Situated on 200 acres, Mercier Orchards on Blue Ridge Drive is beautiful. The store is huge, and filled with a wide array of produce, a large deli and bakery, and whatnots from candles to candies.


Town Square

Sunrise at Brasstown Bald

Time for dinner and a good night’s rest. We stayed at The Lodge at Copperhead in Blairsville. The property consists of an attractive lodge with a restaurant and many surrounding cabins. This was a very good dinner with enjoyable music from the band! The shrimp & grits, and fried mushrooms were outstanding. We chose to sleep at the lodge. The room was comfortable, but located underneath the lodge . . . and the restaurant . . . and the band . . . and dance floor . . . and the bar. If you don’t sleep with ear plugs, the cabins might be a better choice at this property.
Shortly before sunset, we came across Vogel State Park. This was a pretty spot for a quick stop if you’re passing by, but not necessarily a destination point. Many campers utilize this park with RVs and small cabins. There is an easy walking trail around the lake.
With a few moments left of sunlight, a sign appeared on the side of the road, “Boggs Creek Recreation Area.” Yep, it was a creek and there were a few fairly private picnic tables. The one lane, dirt road was a little rough, and progressively led up an incline. If you visit, heed the signs and leave before dark!
When hunger strikes . . .  Turner’s Corner was a good choice for a late lunch  at the corner of Hwy 19 N & Hwy 129 N. Although the pecan crusted trout was a little ho hum, the fried okra was perfect and every sandwich we saw come out of the kitchen looked wonderful. The atmosphere was warm, friendly and mountain town charming!

Hwy 52E led us to drive through Dahlonega, GA. Let me re-phrase. We were privileged to pass through. This small town has placed nearly 700 memorial crosses, each with an American flag, in honor of veterans throughout their community. The sight of this, stretching for miles had strong impact both in appreciation for our veterans and for the heart of this little town. The Markers are placed during the weeks prior to Veterans Day and from Memorial Day through the 4th of July.

Having parked at the top of the falls, we walked a 450 step stairway down to capture this photo, three quarters of the way to the bottom of the 600 foot falls. If you enjoy waterfalls, this is a worthwhile trip!

In order to make time for a leisurely drive through the mountains, we made a bee line for our first destination point, Amicalola Falls State Park.
 View from the top of Amicalola Falls.

Mountains of north Georgia

How could we resist the mountains of northern Georgia for a November road trip? In the peak of Autumn color, we drove from Chattanooga to Brasstown Bald. Please climb in and enjoy the ride. 
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