Residential Properties 

Jeannee C. Gannuch

Specializing in architectural, real estate, advertising, industrial and lifestyle photography, Jeannee provides distinctive imagery for business clients. As an accomplished writer, Jeannee also offers editorial articles to accompany photos for her clients.

Corporate clients with whom Jeannee has worked include:

Huntsville Golf Development, John Blue Realty, Thrive Senior Living, Lendon of Huntsville, Stanford Properties LLC, Chatelain Real Estate, Blue Ridge Inc., Valley Chic Boutique, Learning Express Toys, 

Photos will be taken on one visit to the home, and staging must be completed before the photographer arrives..

Real Estate Photography Pricing:

Commercial Properties

Architectural Photography Pricing: 

A fee of $550 is charged per day. This includes your first 2 images each day.

 Additional images cost $75 each. 

Photo output is normally 10-15 images per day.

Production costs:

Travel expenses will be charged for locations greater than 60 miles from Huntsville, AL. ​We are willing to drive to most locations within 7 hours from Huntsville. The charge for time and vehicle expenses is .52 per mile. 

Where more cost effective, airline tickets will be provided by the client.
Hotel per night - $140 (required only for locations greater than 150 miles outside of Huntsville.)

When required, set items may be provided by the client, or reimbursed at cost + 10%.

Fees for ongoing assignments are negotiable.

Select the Southeastern Living photographer who will best accomplish your goals.

Rates per image:

Single image / cover shot - $190
Two images - $260
3-5 images -  $85 per image
6-9 images - $70 per image

Rates Per Image:

Single image / cover shot - $140

Two images - $180

​each additional image - $11

(rates apply to single location shoot)

How do Architectural Photography and Real Estate photography differ?

Architectural photography

 – Priority is on the beauty of design, art and character of a property. Aesthetics are highlighted and the photographer is aware of the smallest details

--Entire buildings and/ or details of properties such as walkways, arches, a wall, or heavy beams can be focal points.
Creative use of natural lighting, caught at the right angle and time of day is imperative. Night photography can also add to the glamour of a building or minimize distracting surroundings.

Real Estate Photography

- The focus of Real Estate photography is that of selling a property through focusing on spaces rather than individual details. Photos which capture all the spaces, and often the location and surroundings of a property are of primary importance.
-- Care is taken to include aesthetics and specific design elements within their surroundings.

Why do prices differ between Architectural, Commerical Real Estate and Residential Real Estate Photography?

Architectural photography requires creative use of natural lighting, caught at the right angle and precise time of day. Night photography can also add to the glamour of a building or minimize distracting surroundings. For this reason, architecture shoots often require a scouting trip in addition to time sensitive shooting.
Architectural photography is a meticulous craft which requires highly detailed editing. All distractions must be cloned out of the image, and lighting and aspect effects may also be applied in order to augment the overall appeal of the image.
Image editing for Real Estate Photography includes cropping and lighting adjustments, but is less meticulous than with architecture photography. The function of Real Estate Photography is to create the most appealing view of a property while maintaining an accurate representation of the environment.
While natural lighting is required for all exterior shots. General blocks of time, (morning or evening) provide appropriate lighting for Real Estate assignments.

Commercial vs. Residential cost

Commercial real estate assignments require more time due to more spaces that must be photographed and the challenge of dodging people and traffic. Building interiors also tend to have more difficult lighting requirements with fluorescent bulbs and fewer windows. Each of these issues increases time spent both on site and in editing.

Residential assignments allow a high degree of control over distractions during a shoot. Spaces are close together and typically have soft or natural lighting. Smaller spaces also allow for the use of flash photography when it can improve the in-camera shot.

Bob Blankenship 

With extensive knowledge of HDR photography, Bob's primary focus is landscape photography. His large print landscape photography is ideally suited for conference rooms and customer waiting areas.  

Clients with whom Bob has worked include:

Harrison Brothers Hardware, Olson Chiropractic, Kitchen Gallery, Wright & Wright Attorneys, and Lake Guntersville Real Estate.

Pricing -

Our clients benefit from simplicity in pricing.

We've broken from the industry practice of adding fees for editing and various image use licenses. Once an image is created, the client has full rights to use it for any application(s), as frequently as desired.  The only exception is that clients may not sell images because the photographer maintains the copyright unless otherwise stipulated by contract. 

Flat Rates:

One Home - $380

Two Homes - $720

Three or more homes - $345 per home

Up to 22 photos are provided per home.

Daily Rates:

One Day - $700
Two or more days - $650 per day

(16-20 images of publication quality can be expected per day.) There is no per photo charge.