One exit past the peach, we visited Durbin Farms. In addition to the expected produce and plants, the marketplace sells everything from candles and photo frames to boutique clothing. The deli / café offers a variety of lunch items, baked goods and homemade ice cream. In short, you could easily spend an hour, happily browsing and nibbling.

Spring Break, 2015 began in our own hometown, Huntsville, Alabama. Someday we’ll take a tour of the city with you, but this week we were on a path to get to the beach! Of course, our paths do tend to wind a bit, so we'll share some photos of Huntsville’s scenic Jones Valley in Spring bloom.

There are a couple of stops along I-65S we’ve wanted to make, so we're taking the interstate for this trip! If you’ve been this way before, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the Hallmark Farm in Warrior AL, just north of Birmingham. 

Our Accommodations: We stayed in a condo at the SunDestin which is conveniently located to restaurants and a short drive to the Harbor Walk Village and Marina. For a beach side resort, we considered the prices to be reasonable, but the atmosphere did lack some of the, "luxuries," of other resorts. This is not an ideal place if you enjoy well landscaped grounds, lavish pools, or good food on site. If, however you just need a nice room, the unit we rented was very well decorated, spacious, provided a beautiful view, and was perfectly clean. 

There are so many stunning farms across the Southeast, we need to plan a trip devoted to touring as many as we can find!

The next curiosity passersby can’t miss is the giant peach in Clanton. 

Spring Break, 2015

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Just a few more hours, and we arrived in Destin in  time for sunset and Dinner. The road trip would normally continue, but it's Spring Break, so we lingered here for several days. Enjoy the photos, and join us in May when we return to our road trip format and continue our journey through Florida! 

Where we ate: 

Joe's Crab Shack - 

Food - B+, Atmosphere- B, Service- B-


Food - A, Atmosphere - B+, Service- A

The Back Porch

Food - A, Atmosphere - B+, Service - A+

Harry T's

Food - B, Atmosphere- B+, Service - B+

Cheeseburger in Paradise (Lunch standards) 

Food - A, Atmosphere - A, Service- A

The Pancakery (Breakfast Standards)

Food - A, Atmosphere - B, Service - A+